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From Sushi bars, Kaiseki and Izakaya to teppanyaki and Ramen outlets,

food culture from Japan continues to take the world by storm with more

and more Japanese restaurants opening up every day.


Today competition in this sector of the F&B business is fiercer than ever.

That’s why you need a Japanese chef who can make a real difference

for your establishment.

Whether you manage a 5-star deluxe hotel or a local neighborhood Japanese food outlet,

let Find Chef-Agent help you recruit the perfect chef for your F&B needs.

We at FindChef-Agent have successfully evaluated and introduced

many qualified chefs for both individual and hotel-operated Japanese restaurants across the globe. 


Now we would like to share our expertise and experience to help you with your Japanese chef recruitment needs as well.


We are one of the very few recruiting agencies that can respond to your unique Japanese chef/cook staffing needs.

We find the best possible matches for you from our extensive database of candidates from all over the world.


Advantage of FindChef-Agent

Specializing in finding Japanese chefs / cooks

We are a dedicated recruitment agency 

specializing in finding expert Japanese Chefs/Cooks, Sushi & Sashimi, Kaiseki, Izakaya, Teppanyaki, Modern/Fusion Japanese, Tempura, Robata/Yakitori, Yakiniku, Ramen, and the other Japanese cuisines.

Leading Expart in Japanese Chef/Cook Recruitment

 Our professional Japanese consultants carefully examine our candidates' culinary skills, as well as their sense of Japanese hospitality, before qualifying them as candidates.

We will act on your behalf

in your recruitment

 We will act as your agent throughout the referral process: we will act on your behalf in arranging interviews and cooking tests, as well as conducting negotiations on salary and other remuneration package issues, so that you can always launch
 and accomplish a stress-free recruitment project.

How to Launch a Japanese Chef Recruitment Project

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