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Sushi / Sashimi

Combination of vinegar seasoned Japanese sticky rice with seafood. There are various type of sushi, Nigiri, Maki(Roll), Chirashi, Oshi,etc.


Dishes cooked on Teppan (Iron Plates)

Cooking presentations performed in front of customers by Teppanyaki chefs

Robatayaki/ Yakitori

Robatayaki and Yakitori are types of Japanese grilling and are cookeries where chefs enjoy a particularly cozy relationship with fire and ingredients in front of customers. 


A famous Japanese noodle for its unique taste and textures and has successfully created quite a different world from other Chinese noodles. It is popular in overseas countries in these days.


A traditional Japanese banquet meal or meals served to guests of a Japanese tea ceremony. 

Fusion / Modern Japanese

A term to describe modern style cookery that usually combines Japanese and Western culinary methods.

Shabu-Shabu / Sukiyaki

Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki are popular hot pot dish consisting of thinly sliced meat and bite-sized vegetables. Shabu-shabu is cooked in steaming hot broth, and Sukiyaki is cooked in a shallow iron pot

Soba / Udon

Soba is made from buckwheat flour. Udon is made of wheat flour and thin salted water. After the ingredients are kneaded and well-mixed, dough is cut into thick noodles. . 

Izakaya (Japanese Tapas)

Japanese style pub and tapas restaurant. Can have a wide selection of a casual meal and plenty of beer and Japanese sake, etc.


One of the most widely known, popular dishes worldwide consisting of deep-fried battered seafood, vegetables, edible wild plants and ohter ingredients.


Yakiniku is a Japanese style of Barbecue.​

The ingredients are cooked by the diners on a grill built into the table, several pieces at a time.


Other than the previously described dishes, there are many more Japanese delicacies. Donburi, Gyoza, Oden, Takoyaki, Teriyaki, etc. 

And Japanese Pastry/Bakery chef, French cuisine chef, Intalian cuisine chef are also available to introduce.

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